Dr. Jeff Downs graduated from Texas Chiropractic Clinic in 1994 and has worked and resided in nearby Houston communities. Dr. Downs joined the Lowman Chiropractic Practice in 2006 to enhance Dr. Lowman's abilities to provide both professional and personal services to thousands of patients keeping their wellbeing in mind. Dr. Downs expressly provided the philosophies and practices that Dr. Lowman had provided over 35 years. Additionally, Dr. Downs enhanced the Clinic by adding additional and more modern equipment where the patient's needs were of utmost consideration. Dr Downs is pleased to have been able to provide professional care to Dr. Lowman's family, friends and patients. The Downs and Lowman Chiropractic Clinic has earned the reputation of "A Family Oriented Clinic ".
Dr. Downs and the entire staff of Downs and Lowman Chiropractic Center commit to their Mission Statement. "OUR PERSONAL CONCERN: YOUR HEALTH & YOUR WELLBEING". Therefore we only accept those patients whom we sincerely believe we can help.
Downs and Lowman Chiropractic Center in Sealy, Texas is located at 323 Fowlkes Street. This new Healthcare & Wellness Facility was specifically designed with the patient's wellbeing in mind. Dr. Downs quotes: “I feel strongly moving our Chiropractic Clinic to the Downtown Sealy District was a natural long-term correct decision for our patients ".Downs and Lowman Chiropractic Clinic additionally has a professional staff of Associates providing not only smiling, happy faces but positive attitudes to assist in providing the community a “HOMETOWN ATMOSPHERE". Barbara Downs has expressed this attitude and commitment and personal attention to patients for over 35 years. This personal type of service has enabled Barbara to be considered by most patients as a mother, sister, daughter and friend. Rosa and Linda are newer Associates who already are proving to be valuable assets.
Dr. Downs made a commitment to Dr. Lowman to provide professional care with compassion and integrity to all patients as he joined the Downs and Lowman Chiropractic Clinic in 2006. This commitment has been maintained.
“FEEL BETTER, LIVE BETTER, BE HAPPY “!!! We look forward to assisting all our patients who wish to pursue this goal.
Our hours of operation: Open 5 days weekly Please call for specific hours: Sealy Chiropractic Clinic: 979-885-7484

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